Human Rights Violation Reporting


The CSO-People's Intervention and Monitoring Mechanism (CPIMM) is a broad configuration of individual human rights defenders (HRD) and collective HRD’s in formations coming from all sectors of the civil society. These individuals and formations come from all territorial levels -- community, municipal, provincial, regional and national where the HRDs and CSOs shall document and report HRViolations as well as coordinate with other formations for a systematic response and advocacy on the cases. The CPIMM also monitors government compliance of its obligations, particularly that of obligation of conduct and of result.


  1. Facilitate an effective and efficient institutionalized and well-coordinated monitoring of violations

  2. Develop a comprehensive updated statistics in a centralized repository readily available for all

  3. Come up with analyses of processes and factors contributing to the violations and impunity

  4. Facilitate/directly provide systematic and programmatic quick reaction response including documentation, legal services, sanctuary, relief/immediate and rehabilitation/long term interventions

  5. Pro-active and coordinated local, national and international campaigns towards the prevention of and breaking impunity

The Secretariat of CPIMM is the Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates (PAHRA), the Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP) and the Philippine Human Rights Information Center (PHILRIGHTS). HOTLINE MOBILE NUMBER is 0928-713-1519 for text messages and calls. The form below can be used by HRDs for reporting of incidences of human rights violations whether civil, political, economic, cultural and social in nature.

A. Incident

Choose a date: Single Date  Date Range
Single Date:MonthDayYear
Date Range:MonthDayYear

Date or date range of the incident




The place where the incident took place.

What is the nature of the incident?

Please give a detailed account of the incident.

What are the reasons why the incident occurred.

B. Reported To


Office, agency, barangay etc.

The action performed by the office, agency, barangay etc.

Provide the complete details where the incident was reported to.

C. Affected


Name of the community




Provide the complete details of the affected community







Gender Identity / Sexual Orientation


House number, street, barangay, etc.








No Yes

Is the individual a Human Rights Defender?

Provide the complete details of the affected individual

D. Suspected Perpetrators


Agency, Company, Office or Unit
(Pangalan ng Ahensya, Kumpanya, Opisina o Unit)

Number of individual suspects from this office.





From what Agency, Company, Office or Unit
(Pangalan ng Ahensya, Kumpanya, Opisina o Unit)

Provide complete details of the suspect

E. Interventions


Name of the institution/organization that provided the intervention

Form of intervention given


F. Informants





House number, street, barangay, etc.







G. Documentors










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